Procon provided change management and strategic communications support for the relocation of thousands of Census employees within the Suitland Federal Center.

As part of the federal government’s efforts to reduce their real estate footprint, the U.S. Commerce Department chose to co-locate the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) with the U.S. Census Bureau in the Suitland Federal Center.

Approximately 4,000 employee moves were required to free up 110,000 square feet to make room for BEA employees. As part of the relocation change management team for six months, Procon provided daily change management and communication consultation and implementation services to the change team’s senior leadership.

Procon researched and analyzed change management practices at the Census Bureau and provided a far-reaching and comprehensive assessment report and strategic plan detailing how the Bureau could implement best practices in all its change management efforts. These practices ensure not only a successful relocation project, but provide an guide for future change management efforts at the Census Bureau.

Key Responsibilities
  • Provided subject matter expertise on communications and change management to program team and senior management.
  • Conducted stakeholder focus groups, senior leadership discussions, and one-on-one interviews with employees and managers.
  • Provided communications research that included stakeholder audience analysis and segmentation, as well as key message development.
  • Developed communications strategy and communications plan, as well as branding and ongoing communications support.
  • Developed communications materials and tools for print, social media, presentations, briefing materials, and technical papers.
  • Offered recommendations and advice on stakeholder preparation for change and on employee coaching, mentoring, and training to ensure project success.
  • Provided on-site project management, daily strategic counsel, hands-on implementation, and status reporting to senior leaders.