Procon provides stand alone estimating, scheduling, and risk management services for owners, A/E/C firms.

For over 20 years Procon has been providing project controls on design and construction projects across the country. Whether providing targeted support to A/E/C firms, or providing full-service construction management directly to owners, Procon has earned a reputation for flexibility, agility, and superior work products.

Our estimators, schedulers, and other project control experts have successfully delivered services on large and small projects for education, government, and private clients.

Cost estimate spreadsheet workbooks with project-specific WBS
Markups for overhead, profit, contingencies and escalation
Local market conditions and productivity trends.
Vetted material selections factoring availability, lead time, installation, maintenance, and lifecycle costs
Cost estimate reconciliation management
Review and analysis of cost-loaded master schedules
Review change orders, and provide negotiation recommendations
Claims analysis for delays, damages and other problems
Project lifecycle financial reporting of the program including all A/E/C and consultant services
Development of a cost performance index (CPI) to evaluate financial effectiveness and efficiency

Collaboration with a multi-disciplined team to yield the least lifecycle cost or ensure the greatest value to owner, while meeting performance criteria.
Review design concepts and contract documents for cost implications, completeness, correctness, and practical results if implemented.
Identify design details that offer opportunities to support the project cost and schedule.

Development of project master schedules and preliminary schedules for contract time determination
Review of construction contract, the approved baseline schedule and previous schedule updates
Review of contractor schedule updates for compliance with baseline and project execution goals
Trending completion predictions by analyzing each succeeding submission to determine current progress compared to the baseline schedule and monthly updates, along with impacts from revisions.
Preparation of detailed monthly analysis reports to highlight important areas including comments on earned value, planned value, schedule variance

Integration of cost and schedule early in project lifecycle to analyze schedule and cost performance indicators useful in projecting long term trends. CPI and SPI represent work accomplished compared to actual and scheduled work costs. Predictions of final cost and completion date can be made earlier enough to introduce corrective actions to take place.

Risk management and identification sessions facilitated by an independent risk facilitator to identify all project risks, potential strategies for managing the risks, and the impact of each risk.
Conduct monthly risk meetings to review identified risks, document risk strategies and make updates.
Develop and manage risk register, facilitate risk workshop to review and update the risk register.
Prepare Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) using Construction Industry Institute’s PDRI tool to assess risks and opportunities for the project.