For over a decade Procon has provided ongoing owner’s representation and support for the mixed-use redevelopment of this 42-acre waterfront property.

Procon provides a wide range of services in support of the redevelopment of the 42-acre Navy Yard Annex site. The development is a first of its kind public private partnership between the federal government and a private developer. The new community of housing, retail, commercial office space, and a public waterfront park is transforming a long vacant and neglected historic district.

Procon’s team has assisted with lease negotiations, ongoing development oversight, environmental management, master planning, zoning, and historic preservation compliance.

Key Responsibilities
  • Assisted in the development of land-use strategies to maximize the financial return to the government while maintaining the public interest and respecting historic preservation and environmental goals.
  • Coordinated multi-stage RFP process for the development of the property, and managed the developer selection process.
  • Managed master planning, zoning, historic preservation, and urban design processes.
  • Coordinated and assisted with long-term lease negotiations and financial analysis of developer’s offer.
  • Provide ongoing environmental management services including environmental assessments, document reviews, remediation plans, and negotiation with regulatory stakeholders.
  • Coordinated and led the historic preservation compliance including Section 106 meetings, the development of a Programmatic Agreement, and the analysis of historic resources.