Procon provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise to Hill International to support their construction management of GSA’s renovation of the federal office building at 985 Michigan Avenue.

The $75 million renovation of the 10-story, 484,000 SF federal building in Detroit, Michigan includes improvements to HVAC systems, repairs to elevators, upgrades to fire/life safety systems, improvements and repairs to plumbing and electrical systems, roof replacement, and repairs to the parking garage.

BIM is particularly effective for a whole-building, systems and infrastructure, renovation of an occupied facility. Complex projects involving existing structures and systems can benefit greatly from the puzzle-solving capabilities of a BIM system in the hands of well-trained experts.

Key Responsibilities
  • Facilitating the use of BIM during on board design review sessions and coordination meetings and operating Building Information Models to allow reviewers to view 3D geometry and 2D drawings.
  • Performing clash detection analysis of Design and Construction BIM submissions to ensure building discipline systems and components do not conflict with one another and are coordinated.
  • Performing BIM Spatial Data Validation analysis of design submissions in accordance with GSA BIM Standards.
  • Performing analysis of BIM design submission for Errors and Omissions which could cause delays or change orders.
  • Using Autodesk Revit, Navisworks and Solibri Model Checker to perform quality control analysis, facility reviews, and coordinate updates of models throughout construction phase to ensure as-built model meets GSA requirements and is ready to use for GSA Facilities Management programs.
  • Performing COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) analysis on all AE and CMc BIM submissions to ensure they comply with GSA’s facilities management requirements.