Procon is serving as the Commissioning Agent (CxA) for the project and is overseeing and coordinating the commissioning process on behalf of NASA.

Modifications to Converter Compressor Facility (CCF) primarily consist of modifying conversion of LHe to high-pressure gas through existing compressors and the use of new pumps and vaporizers, extensive modifications to the Helium valve yard, installation of new Ground Systems Pneumatics Consule, and modifications to the facility systems including electrical, HVAC, potable water, and fire protection.

Key Responsibilities
  • Review submittals and RFIs and provide commissioning-related feedback. Create, coordinate, and oversee the execution of the testing plan. Observe and document systems performance to ensure all systems are performing in accordance with project requirements and contract documents.
  • Perform site visits to observe installed equipment and systems installations. Track construction contractor progress on Installation Completion Matrix.
  • Lead monthly commissioning meetings to review installation, testing, and start-up status of systems. Track commissioning issues in Issues Log and bring to their resolution.
  • Develop and track construction checklists. Review systems start-up reports and observe start-up procedures. Witness testing and re-testing of systems.
  • Review systems manuals, training plans, and O&M manuals to ensure proper project documentation and turnover. Develop Recommissioning Management Manual for recommissioning building systems and components.