March 11, 2024

Still from The Build Up Podcast featuring Procon Founder Kyu Jung and Cotter Founder Anne Edwards-Cotter

Construction Management Firms Procon Consulting, LLC and Cotter Consulting, Inc. Announce Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture through the Small Business Administration (SBA)

WASHINGTON, Monday, March 11, 2024 – Procon Consulting, LLC (Procon) and Cotter Consulting, Inc. (Cotter) have entered into a Mentor-Protégé Agreement (MPA) through the Small Business Administration (SBA) in which Procon will provide mentorship to Cotter. The strategic joint venture will allow both construction management firms to share resources and knowledge that will grow their respective small businesses and expand client capabilities. Procon and Cotter already have a history of working well together and proven track records of embracing technology and innovation to deliver complex projects. The bulk of Procon’s portfolio resides within the federal space, while Cotter has established a large footprint in the Midwest supporting state and local entities.

“Procon and Cotter have had a strong personal and professional relationship for years. We bring complementary resources and expertise to a joint venture. There is trust; we want to help each other grow and learn,” says Kyu Jung, President and Co-founder of Procon Consulting, LLC. “Anne Cotter is ahead of her time – she’s an inspiration to all women in the industry, and we are excited to provide mentorship as Cotter continues to grow into the federal marketplace.” “Cotter and Procon have very similar approaches to building meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships — we understand each other as small businesses with compatible corporate cultures. Procon has developed a roadmap for growing a federal practice and we are thrilled to embark on this knowledge exchange,” says Anne Edwards-Cotter, President and Founder of Cotter Consulting, Inc.

Procon Consulting, LLC
Procon Consulting was founded in 2000 by close friends and Virginia Tech Myers-Lawson School of Construction classmates Kyu Jung and Mark Ilich. The company is based in the DC metro area and leverages the latest in technology and innovation to provide construction project management solutions to a range of federal, state, local, and private clients.

Cotter Consulting, Inc.
Cotter Consulting was established in 1990 by Anne Edwards-Cotter as a woman-owned, small business based in Chicago, IL. Cotter provides comprehensive program management, project management, and construction management services for diverse corporate, public, and institutional clients.