March 24, 2017

Procon has been hired to provide building information modeling (BIM) support services for the construction of NASA’s Measurement Systems Laboratory in Hampton, VA. Procon will leverage its expertise in BIM and more specifically in GSA’s BIM standards and protocols to ensure effective use of BIM during design and construction of the $95.6 million, 175,000 SF laboratory building. GSA is constructing this new laboratory to house about 40 modular research labs for the research and development of electronics, lasers, clean rooms, and instrumentation. The Measurements Systems Laboratory will also consolidate the operations of many laboratories currently spread throughout the campus.

Procon will facilitate and review the entirety of the project’s documentation submission and BIM execution. In this role, the Procon team will conduct all BIM Project Planning meetings, review that all project plans meet minimum BIM contract requirements, verify that all deliverables meet contract requirements, and create a 4D schedule model from which construction progress will be tracked to ensure that project schedule and budget remain unchanged. The Procon team will also perform clash detection analysis to ensure building discipline systems and components do not conflict with one another and are coordinated. The team will perform quality control analysis, facility reviews, and coordinate updates of models throughout construction phase to ensure as-built model meets requirements and is ready to use for facilities management programs.